You might know (hopefully), that Facebook itself owns a fair few other platforms, WhatsApp and Instagram included. Did you know thuogh, that the “umbrella” company is also called Facebook? Logical, but can be confusing once you’re expanding in a way Facebook is. So Facebook is the company behind the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, and to avoid being confused with Facebook (the social media platform), it has (the company) got itself a new logo. Confused yet?

So we’re pretty excited to see the new logo, it’s simple but in our opinion very effective. To encapsulate the brands within the company, we’ve got an animated logo that switches elegantly from blue, to green to pink (that’s from the Facebook blue, to WhatsApp green and Instagram pink…).

The question is, does this new logo for the over-arching company help seperate the company from the social media platform? We’re not convinced, but time will tell.