Children’s Legal Centre Wales

This project we were particular excited about – and what a great team of people down at Swansea University to work with. The passion for their subject was evident from our very first meeting, and it was an absolute joy to work alongside them on this new information portal style website.

The purpose of the website is to inform children and young adults of their rights within the law – exploring topics such as your rights at home, at school, at the shops and more. Until now, Wales didn’t have a specific project or portal for this kind of information, so it was quite an honour to be able to work alongside the Children’s Legal Centre Wales to provide this.

The website was built using WordPress, which we chose to use so that the website can evolve and expand easily in the future (with plans in place already to do so). We’ve also created a range of user roles for those in the Children’s Legal Centre Wales team so that new content and blogs can be added with ease. The website is fully bilingual and responsive, as well as being accessible to all.

Future plans include implementing a chat bot onto the website which is currently being developed within Swansea University. We’re personally really excited to see how this website evolves, and how it will help children and young adults in Wales.

Visit the website by clicking here.

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