Cwmni CELyn, Caernarfon

Cwmni CELyn based in North Wales provide a range of services to third, private and public sectors including social care, community and economic development. The company is owned by Caryl Elin Lewis (hence the CELyn), who wanted a simple but attractive website to match her branding, and clearly advertise the services that the company offer.

The website would also need to be bilingual, which was a pleasure to work on – we don’t charge any extra fees for creating a bilingually functioning website, as it is our aim to get as much Welsh online as possible.

Building the website on WordPress will allow Caryl to grow the website – especially in terms of adding courses on an interactive calendar where guests can book directly online, and expanding services. WordPress is a fantastic platform to design and develop websites on, and is what we call “future proof” in terms of growing websites, adding functionality and of course, keeping those costs down.

Visit the website now by going to :

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