So the story of Direct Bees is that in 2008, whilst they were living on a tiny Greek island, they were given their first hive by a Lebanese doctor as a wedding gift. The bees were generally unfriendly, but Anj & Darren became hooked on the process of beekeeping and wanted to spread that knowledge and passion to the wider world.

That’s where we came in! We wanted to create a vibrant website that conveyed their love for the world of bees; so clean lines, and bold colours were the order of the day. Sections included advice on beekeeping generally, and the sale of relevant items, so the website also needed to be clear enough so as not to detract from the products on sale. They also wanted a blog element, so they could post stories and pictures about their progress.

This was a completely new website – and what a joy to create! The user journey was kept simple for ease of use, with only one or two clicks before the user reached a product page. Using WordPress also meant that the provision of an online shop was an easy add-on.

We wish the Direct Bees team the best of luck, and welcome them to the GCW family!

Services provided:

  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Hosting
  • Search engine optimisation