Driftwood Designs based in Aberystwyth – the artist is Lizzie Spikes who creates gorgeous painting on driftwood (which are then transformed into prints, cards, bunting and more). We’ve been working closely with Driftwood for almost 5 years, providing them with their first ecommerce website back in 2013, and then updating the look and also back end (to WordPress) in 2017.

As with any artist selling online, it’s important that the products are the focus of the website, so the background and design needed to be clean and fresh, so as not to detract from the products. The user journey is very easy, with only 2-3 clicks to reach a product page.

The redesign of this website also meant that we could create a secondary system on the backend, so that stockists of Driftwood Designs’ work can purchase as trade costs and in bulk. The website enables these stockists to login at their own convenience and order when needed.

Visit the website (and buy some products) at driftwooddesigns.co.uk.