The ‘Dyffryn Tywi – Hanes Tirwedd Ein Bro’ project is all about the landscape of the middle Tywi Valley between Llandeilo and Carmarthen, and how they go about looking after this landscape for the future in a genuinely sustainable way.

The project is about supporting the natural environment – improving the chances for the plants and animals that live in the area. The valley’s varied and exceptional biodiversity is the result of thousands of years of interaction between people and the land. So, the Dyffryn Tywi project is also about how the valley’s people have cared for and shaped the land.

We were approached by Helen and Kellie, project leaders for Dyffryn Tywi – Hanes Tirwedd Ein Bro to develop a website that showcased the work of the project. In this instance, there was no previous website or pain points to solve.

Working with Helen and Kellie, we created a brand (with thanks to Jo Hollowood for the graphic design and branding work) and website that promotes the area, and provides information on the project details, aims, objectives and work completed. It was important to ensure that the website fitted with Helen’s visions of the area, working with the brand and land colours, and general look and feel.

Click here to visit the website.

Services provided to Dyffryn Tywi:

  • Website development
  • Website hosting
  • Branding development
  • WordPress maintenance