We were approached by Louise who runs LouLouPurple in Dolgellau to create a new, fresh website for her craft shop. The website would need to be ecommerce, with easy navigation for users to find items to purchase, and also with a login for Louise to update stock on a daily basis and accept orders.

LouLouPurple already had a strong brand and logo which was important to ensure ran through the new website – we incorporated the purples of the brand within a fresher and cleaner design to ensure brand consistency.

As LouLouPurple already had a website, it was import to ensure a smooth handover from old to new, and also in the transfer of the website from one host to another. This is something we will always handle on your behalf, for the easiest transition possible. We were also able to create an export of the stock from the old website, an import into the new website which massively reduced the work that would have been required in uploaded hundreds of products otherwise.

Due to the size of the project (primarily as the stock amount was so large), LouLouPurple really benefitted from the new website being built on our own development domain. We offer this to all of our clients where the websites aren’t new – we’ll build the site offline, elsewhere so as not to tamper with your current website, and allow you 24/7 access to check on the development and progress.


Services Provided:

  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Hosting
  • Search engine optimisation
  • WordPress training
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