Mid Wales Cottages

We designed a website for this domain name, midwalescottages.co.uk back in 2013, where the website was focussed on one cottage, Tan y Gaer in Llanilar. Over the past few years, the owner has added to the portfolio, with another house, Haul y Bore in Llanilar and recently in 2018 a new farmhouse. Rather than having a third website, we decided it was more cost effective for the owner (in terms of annual hosting charges), and also easier for the visitors if the three locations were based on the one website.

We have redirected the Haul y Bore website domain to point to this website, and then gave the website a total new look. The website is responsive to all screen sizes, easily advertises the 3 holiday cottages currently with the owner, and also allows visitors to book online. The website is built on WordPress, as the owner stated that there are plans in the pipeline to expand the Pengarreg cottages into the barns. This will be easy for us to add onto the website and booking system in the future, and cost effective for the owner who will only need to pay us for our time.

We really think it’s important to be honest with our clients, rather than having created a third website and take for hosting charges 3 times over the year. Hopefully, you agree!

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