Penlanlas Strawberries is an existing business based in Rhydyfelin, near Aberystwyth. Our brief was to launch the business on Facebook and Instagram. It was a short-term campaign expanding over a 6-week period.

We began by creating a marketing strategy, which focused on these key questions:

  • Who is the audience?
  • What does our client want to achieve?
  • What type of content would the audience find most VALUABLE?
  • What do we have available to us? (Features on platforms / pictures etc.)

From previous conversations with the client, we knew that our primary objectives were:

  • Showcase the main stockists of Penlanlas Strawberries.
  • Promote the versatility of strawberries and what you can do with them.
  • Promote “Pick Your Own” opportunities if and when they arise.

Before starting

We recognised that our target audience would predominantly be based in Aberystwyth. Despite strawberry picking being popular amongst a variety of age ranges, there was a high possibility that the majority of customer’s who would be interested in the “Pick Your Own” would predominantly be families.

Secondly, consistency is key. We ensured that our Instagram name and the name of our Facebook Page were the same. This was to avoid any confusion (as we found that there were a number of profiles and pages already set up on both pages with similar names).

Thirdly, we were lucky to receive several fantastic images from the client which we were able to post on the different platforms. However, we had very little knowledge on growing strawberries ourselves, hence many hours of research were required to ensure that the content shared would be both true and relevant to the audience.

Lastly. We weren’t afraid to experiment to find what worked best. By not putting pressure on ourselves to get it right first time, we were able to gauge what the audience best interacted with; and ensured we’d utilize more of these functions on future posts.

What functions/posts did we use?

Facebook – Utilised Business Suite and Creator Studio to share relevant links, single/ multiple photo(s), and videos. Made the most of question boxes, polls and quiz function on Stories to ask the audience what kind of recipes they’d like to see, and increase engagement through asking “would you rather…” style questions.

Instagram – Utilised Creator Studio to share a variety of photos and carousels posts onto the page. Created Reels to enhance “Reach” and to ensure that content remained varied. On the Stories we found that similar functions worked well on both Instagram and Facebook, although we received greater response and engagement on the Instagram stories.

What we found

On Facebook both sweet and savoury recipes were reviewed several times by the audience, despite having low reaction numbers. The figures:

  • Post Clicks (see more/view profile): 33
  • Reach: 1k
  • Impressions: 1.1k

The most popular post shared during this period was the one announcing the “Pick Your Own Opportunity”. Due to several shares (13 in total), the post reached over 3.7K people within a matter of days. From these, we found that the audience were eager to share with us their strawberry picking photos and experience (either in comments or through sending us a message), which initiated us to create a competition.

On Instagram we found that the posts that worked best (with regards to Reach) were posts showcasing the views from Penlanlas Farm, and cocktail recipes shared. This demonstrates how different platforms have different audiences; thus, the same posts will perform differently.

Through utilising both Reels and hashtags, we were able to reach over 2,000 people who weren’t following Penlanlas Strawberries. In one instance, the use of hashtags used in a post allowed us to share a post on Instagram, where 73% of the audience didn’t follow Penlanlas Strawberries.


At the end of the 6 week period, it was insightful to review the campaign and provide a social media report to the client. We were overjoyed to find that we steadily grew both platforms during this time and managed to reach a number of people who weren’t following Penlanlas Strawberries on either platform. This contributed to the success of the “Pick Your Own” strawberries and the competition held.

Moreover, receiving such great feedback from the client was a great way to finish the campaign. He was very happy with the results created, especially the audience interaction we secured during this time (for example when they shared their photos from the strawberry picking and photos of their strawberry creations, for us to re-share on the platforms).

Review Received (Google Reviews)

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I was recommended Gwe Cambrian Web Cyf to launch my business through social media. They certainly did that and the response was unbelievable. The enthusiasm and professionalism was second to none and I would highly recommend their services.

Mark, Owner of Penlanlas Strawberries

Service provided for Penlanlas Strawberries

  • Social Media Management