We really enjoyed getting stuck in to working on this website – a website for Pentre Bach holiday cottages not far from Aberystwyth in Blaenpennal. Pentre Bach is a very famous village for all children in Wales who watch Sali Mali (S4C) – a pernament set for what is one of the most popular children’s stories/series in Wales, with characters created by Mary Vaughan Jones and Ifana Savill.

All of the holiday cottages available at Pentre Bach have featured on S4C as various character homes/workplaces. The ethos of Sali Mali is very strong in the accommodation, and Adrian & Ifana regularly hold Pentre Bach Sali Mali open days too.

The purpose of the website was to focus more on the holiday accommodation being provided, but to also promote the open days and Sali Mali. As the holiday cottages and set itself is very colourful (we were kindly provided with a tour), we knew we wanted to be able to use colour to our advantage. The flowers were inspired from the original Sali Mali logo, and we chose colours from these to use across the website on buttons, hyperlinks etc.

The website would also be bilingual – a service we don’t charge any extra for. Ifana provided the content both in English and Welsh, and also requested a website she can login to and add blogs/newsletters too.

Services Provided

  • Website design
  • Website development (CMS)
  • Hosting
  • Bilingual website design