Redfern Property Management in Aberystwyth is a letting agent specialising in student property renting run by Emma Butler. We were approached by Redfern Property at the start of 2016 to create a new website which pulled properties through from their software management system, LetMC. During our discussions on what Redfern Proeprty wanted from the website, it was also clear that the marketing for the business needed a restart and boost also.

What did we offer to begin with?

We created a package that offered a brand new, modern website that encompassed our suggestions in terms of adding value to the website – blogging, tenant guides, landlord information and more. Emma was very happy and eager to add these suggestions to the website, to create a fuller site that users can explore.

We also provided a social media marketing solution in the short term, with the view to expand this and the marketing in general as we went into 2017.

What did we do ?

During the summer of 2016 we worked on the new website design, as well as a small rebrand just to uplift the brand a little. Check out the before and after of the website below – we used fluid design to create a website that was impactful, with large parallex images on the home page and also a website that was wholly responsive on tablets and mobile phone screens. The switch in the branding meant we could utilise white much more, to create the clean, modern design with red as a highlighting colour.

After the Website Launch

The website launched in September 2016, just before the new academic year. For Redfern Property, a very busy time of year start in October, with the launch of the student housing list, and in November, with the Student Union Housing Fair. We worked with Redfern Property to create some new merchandise and stationery that matched the uplifted brand and website. Moving away from the fully red colours created a more vibrant feel to the business.

Social Media Management

Social media wise, our first port of call was to make sure all social media channels had a consistency of brand – especially in terms of account names, profile photos and cover images. Once this consistency was created, we worked on a marketing strategy that incorporated hashtags (which was then used on the business tshirts), social adverts, video marketing and a range of posts that Redfern Property hadn’t used before.

Emma had what we would call a “classic” fear of social media – there was no clear strategy as to what should be done online, and the pages were all quite boring in terms of post variety. Generally, Facebook had been used to just share property images, and the albums were full of old and new properties. It wasn’t clear to the likers what properties were still available, and by their own admission, Redfern Property didn’t know what they could post about.

Redfern Property have two targets – landlords and tenants. For this it’s important to ensure that the social media has a good balance between the two – we want to make sure that landlords can see how helpful Redfern Property are towards them and also their tenants – this includes helpful blogs, sharing helpful content online (weather warnings, Council notices…) and being a transparent agency. For students and residential tenants, we also wanted to create a platform where they can interact with the posts – this means sharing interesting posts that aren’t always based around housing.

Ongoing Work

After the website launch and social media reboot – Emma asked us to look at the next step to taking the business to a higher level. With some discussions, we decided it was time to rebrand – Emma was clear that she wanted a vibrant, bold and striking brand to stand out from the other letting agents in the area. We wanted something that would work well with a range of marketing materials, online and of course on the website.

Social media management is also ongoing work for Redfern Property, and we’re delighted to see an increase in business for Emma, and also faster turnaround of renting properties.

Services Provided

  • Website design
  • Website development (CMS based)
  • Content creation
  • Hosting
  • Social Media Management
  • Search Engine Optimisation
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