One of our larger projects for 2017 was a new website for Tai Ceredigion based in the Mid Wales area – Tai Ceredigion are a housing association with properties stretching from Tre’r Ddol to Llanwrda and Crymyrch.

The purpose of the new website was to allow potential and new tenants to feel more inclusive and sharing information easier on a more modern platform. This was also important as Tai Ceredigion have recently also started using a tenant portal called Ty Fi, which was difficult to find on the old website. The new website needed to be a content managed system which did not age quickly, as the previous website had done and was very difficult to update and maintain.

Tai Ceredigion were also keen to add a careers section to the website, enabling applicants to download and read job applications as well as applying online. At present there is a solution to this, however in 2018 we are looking to launch the Careers microsite which will give applicants a better understanding in regards to what Tai Ceredigion can offer, applying online easily with logins and more. The microsite will have a similar feel to the Tai Ceredigion website, but a differing design.

We’re very excited to be working with Tai Ceredigion on their website, and looking forward to developing the Careers microsite and also watching the website as a whole evolve. It’s fantastic to see an organisation fully embracing digital as a way of reaching current and potential tenants and also future employees.

Services Provided:

  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Hosting
  • Translation
  • WordPress Training