We were delighted to work with the Welsh Museums Festival on their new website, which was launched in readiness for the October half term, when the Welsh Museums Festival would usually be held across Wales. For 2020, the festival moved online, and the website was pivitol in ensuring this was successful, with live YouTube videos, and an extensive events section which each museum was able to access to add to themselves.

We provided a training session online for the museums, showing them how to login to the WordPress website and update both their entries (for the museum), and also add their events. Each museum was provided a login, but with restricted access to the back-end so that they could only view and edit their own information.

The website was bilingual, and we ensuring that all string translations were transated, and also made sure that the events were compatible with Google events.

Services provided:

  • Website design
  • Custom development
  • Website hosting
  • Website training