We worked with Ysgol Penglais School in Aberystwyth to create a new website, much improved on the very old website which was in its place. The new website needed to be a lot more user friendly, with content easy to access depending on if you are a student, or parent/carer.

As with any new website, it’s a great chance to restructure the menu and pages – we worked with Ysgol Penglais School to ensure as little clicks as possible to the content, and as easy a navigation menu as possible too.

With Covid-19, there was also another layer to the new website, which is the ability to offer a virtual open day on the website. Working with a local videographer, we created a section on the website with embedded YouTube videos, from each department at the school. We certainly feel that this makes the website very accessible, and the school accessible to all who wish to browse it.

Services provided for Ysgol Penglais School:

Website design

Website hosting

Click here to the visit the website.