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Common questions we are asked - do get in touch if you have more.

How much does a website cost?

This really depends on what you want the website to do, which might sound like a poor answer but as the old saying goes – ‘time is money’. The more you want the website to do, in terms of it’s functionality, the longer it will take us to work on it.

Take a look at our Prices page to get an idea of our website design costs. We’re always happy to chat about your budget and let you know what’s possible for the money.

Can I spread the cost of a website?

Yes – we know that sometimes paying out in one go can be tricky for small businesses and individuals. We’re always happy to discuss payment options, such as monthly payments during development and once the website is live.

What is hosting?

We always explain hosting as the little bit of the internet that you rent, where you website sits (and possibly your email). Every live website is hosted somewhere.

Can I move my website to you?

Yes – we’ve worked with plenty of clients who have had a website developed elsewhere, and moved their hosting and domain services over to us – for a variety of reasons.

Can you do some work on my website?

We work with many clients clients whose website we didn’t originally build, but the client wants things changed or added. In most cases, we can, but we’ll always ask to have a quick look at the site to make sure we know the technology it’s built with.

Do you have monthly maintenance packages?

Yes! Care Plans,  and they cover a whole range of things. This includes making sure the website is secure, that the software is up to date, monitoring for hackers, allocating time to work on your SEO and more. View our packages here.

My question isn't listed!

Don’t panic!  You can ask us anything by sending us an email, giving us a call or filling in our online contact form.

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