Gwe Cambrian Web is branching out with the launch of our new digital marketing business, Digida. Dedicated to all things digital and marketing!

Where did the idea come from? During a fab networking session over coffee sometime in 2017, it was suggested to us that we should “shift” our digital marketing into a new business, giving Gwe Cambrian Web the focus for websites and development, and the new business the social media and digital aspect of the business. The more we thought about it, the more it seemed like a logical progression for us, especially as we are now at a position to hire apprentices too!

The name? Coined during a long car journey to Cornwall – the world digital was thrown around a lot, and of course we were also trying to find something that was bilingual. In the end, “digital” and “da” were mushed together to coin “Digida”. “Da” being good in Welsh, and of course the Welsh for “digital” is “digidol”, the word Digida can be pronounced in Welsh or English! It soon stuck and so the designing and planning of the brand began.

Why not visit the new website: and let us know what you think!