Digital Marketing Consultancy

Let's discuss your digital marketing whenever you need support.

Digital marketing consultancy is one of our popular services – we set up a meeting to go through your digital marketing with you. It’s popular because the 1-2-1 aspect really gives you value for money, letting you discuss your strategy in detail, ask questions and get ideas. We’re here to help you in any way you need, and consultancy is great for flexibility with that.

Our director Kerry is our digital marketing expert, and she’ll sit with you or chat online about your marketing and strategy until you’ve got a clear direction of where to go. You can find out more about Kerry’s experience, and passions for digital marketing on her own website.

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Book your 1-2-1 slot with Kerry today to discuss your digital marketing.

What can you expect?

An honest discussion about your digital marketing

A 1-2-1 session focused on how to market your business

Kerry covers a whole range of topics, including social media, paid advertising, websites, strategy, Google Analytics and more

Ongoing support after your consultancy from Kerry via email or phone