E-Commerce Digital Marketing

Having a clear strategy for your e-commerce marketing is essential.

Creating a digital marketing strategy for e-commerce businesses is quite different to other online marketing. There are many challenges, competition is fierce with millions of shopping options, and, in a lot of cases, people can view your products without even reaching your website.

E-commerce marketing covers a lot of aspects – it isn’t just the digital marketing you might expect for a business. It’s also really important to link your marketing strategy with your social media, and search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy too. All three elements work well together to ensure your e-commerce shop and its products get the best chance online.

We have worked with a range of e-commerce clients both on their websites to improve SEO and also on their marketing. Visit our case study section to find out more.


We work with you to explore:


How to improve your on page search engine optimisation for your range of products


How to sell your products on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram


Digital marketing ideas and stategies specifically designed for e-commerce marketing


How to improve your website’s search engine optimisation in general