Diving in, and going LIVE

Anyone whose been to one of my social media training sessions will have been told that going LIVE and posting videos is a big must these days. Videos as a general rule see more reach across the social media platforms, but more than anything, they’re an AMAZING way of getting out in front of our potential customers. They can get to know you before even meeting you, and it could lead onto a lot of new work, if they decide they like you!

So, back in January when we launched Digida Marketing properly, of course we had to go down the route of leading by example. Keri Thomas joined the team and off she went very happily doing live videos 3 times a week.

Phew, I thought. Safety from the video.

It’s taken Keri the best part of 10 months to get me to do a live video by myself, and today, on Halloween (fitting?) – I’ve done one! You can find it for 24 hours only over the Digida Marketing Instagram or Facebook stories. Naturally I’ll now have to continue practising what I preach, and do them a lot more often. Over on Digida we focus on the social media and digital marketing aspect, and for Gwe Cambrian Web the more online world in general…!

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