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We offer a range of online services, not just bilingual website design. Services include translation & SEO.

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We have a range of website design packages available, and can also create a bespoke package especially for you.

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We pride ourselves on our knowledge of digital marketing including social media management.

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Affordable bilingual website design from West Wales, websites which are fully optimised and bilingual as standard.

We tailor make our websites in the foothills of the Cambrian mountains in Aberystwyth, west Wales. We've designed websites for businesses, self catering holiday cottages, organisations, individuals, charities and groups. We take great care to involve the client in the design process, to ensure you get what you need for your project.

Why Choose Us?

As opposed to many web design companies based in Wales, we offer bilingual website design, as standard.

We can also design a refresh of your website - bring it up to date design and technology wise.

  • Modern, effective website design in Wales
  • Affordable and high quality
  • Fully bilingual service
  • Bilingual website as standard
  • Fast, secure and dependable hosting service
  • Social media training and management
  • Responsive website design for mobiles, tablets and laptops
  • Websites adhering to web standards and DDA
  • Most importantly - a friendly service!

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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A great post today by Aberystwyth Town Centre - certainly gave us a good chuckle! ... See MoreSee Less

Relief in Aberystwyth
With mounting concerns and panic in some cases for the safety of children and small animals in the town, it is a relief to report that the Dinosaur has been captured and returned to its home in Penparcau.

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There's a lot going on in an internet minute! #digitalmarketing ... See MoreSee Less

There's a lot going on in an internet minute! Make sure you stand out from the crowd........ #internet

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A great article from Chris de Vine on product photography - highlighting how important this is for businesses selling online and on social media.

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Hi guys, Please see below my take on product photography. Hope this helps.

When selling on-line good photographs are the only way of showing your prospective customer your goods, so a good photo is essential, however when starting off it may not be within budget to get professional shots. So here is a quick guide to get you started.

1. Prepare your products. This is often overlooked, clean and if necessary iron your products so they look perfect, even car parts should be cleaned
2. Make a list of all items and the shots needed for each item e.g. a simple t-shirt would need 2 shots a handbag at least 5, maybe more to show detail. Choose your light source the best and easiest is a nice bright window with a table to work on, try not to use those little flashes built into some cameras and cellphones
3. Use a sheet of paper or cloth to make a white background at 90 degrees to the window, this should extend down so that its both underneath and behind the item.
4. now this is the important bit, on the opposite side to the window place a piece of white card to reflect light back towards the item. See picture above note board held by red tape.
5. Find a way to fix your camera in position so that all your shots are from the same angle, a tripod is best but it can be rested on a pile of books, anything will work so long as its quite firmly fixed.
6. If using a camera with manual settings choose aperture priority and set lens to F4.
7. Set iso to 100 if you are able.
8. If using a simple camera or even a smart phone take shots from varying distances from the item until it looks natural and evenly lit.

This is a very simple guide to photographing products for on-line sales if you would like further advice or would like your products professionally shot please get in touch.

This is a photo from the internet to illustrate my points, it is not my photo.

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