Gwe Cambrian Web turns 6 years old this week – we’ve got no idea where the time has gone. To think we started the business in a spare bedroom back in 2013…

In the last three years we’ve won awards for being the best online business; we’ve won awards for our entrepreneurship, and we’ve been recognized for our creativity. Using our accumulative 18 years’ experience in the industry, we’ve worked with some amazing organisations in Wales to develop their online presence and take their businesses further. We’re passionate about that – helping make Wales a significant presence on the digital landscape.

As it’s our birthday, we’d love to do the same for some of you. We’d like to offer the next 6 people to contact us an amazing deal. A standard website, with 1 year hosting and 1 year registered domain name, for £600.00.

INCLUDED in the cost we can offer 1 month of our Whisper package via our sister company Digida – which allows for posting on one social media platform; crafting posts specific to your business and replying to comments and messages, ensuring constant engagement.

If you don’t want a social media package, we can instead offer a 3-month booster care plan, making sure that your website working for you efficiently and providing peace of mind that your website software is always up to date; with secure backups of your website so that it’s back up and running right away if something does go wrong. We’re getting Wales online, and we’d love to take you with us.