Since March and lockdown, we’re taken a lot of effort to really make sure we’re helping as many people as we can, and of course, as many business as we can. You might already have seen our “lockdown webinars” which we’re offering for free (and will continue to do so across the winter too), but another thing we have also done is offer 45 minute free consultations (chats!) to cover anything social media or website – digital marketing in general.

During lockdown, Kerry also had the opportunity to really network a lot more – events moved online, and ones we’d signed up to go to in London were suddenly on Zoom or other platforms. We know face to face doesn’t beat anything, but, we have to admit that all of the virtual opportunities really opened a lot of doors for us.

One such door was being invited to talk at the Digital Women Skills Share Summit at the end of June 2020 for Kerry, and we realised that personal branding is working just as well for us as marketing our own company. So, after some discussion we decided it would be a good idea for Kerry to branch out with her own website – offering the services she is most passionate about. It also works well in terms of her own social media presence, which during lockdown has gathered a lot of momentum in terms of networking, connections and those all important enquiries.

So, go and check it out: and let us know what you think! We’d also like to do a huge shoutout to friend Richard Steele for his amazing proof-reading work, making sure we’re on brand and on tone for not only our website, but Kerry’s as well.