Networking & Bird Box

A word that some people seem to try and hide from – networking. It’s not just about putting yourself out there in a room full of strangers though, and definitely something to be embraced. Let’s think about it in another way with a great example from Netflix. You might have heard about “Bird Box”, a film created by Netflix and released over Christmas 2018. It seems everyone is talking about it…

Netflix itself seems incredibly pleased with the traction the film is getting, not least because it means that they don’t need to pay a penny for marketing it. This has been a record breaking debut for Netflix, and we’ve probably got social media and the world of memes to thank for this. Your friends might be talking about it online, tagging that they’re watching it on Facebook, chatting about it on Twitter. All of this interaction you’ll see on your own social media, and the liklihood is that you’ll at least go and watch the trailer before deciding whether or not to watch the whole movie. This is a form of networking! Just in a social media, online sense.

So, networking online – what can you do? Join groups, share experiences or advice. Get involved in the conversation. Share what you’re up to! Off to your favourite local coffee shop? Why not “check in”, share and tag a picture, or even just go to their page and drop them a like or a comment. Engagement on social media is so important for reach, and by doing these little actions (that, let’s face it, you don’t even think about when talking about movies, holidays etc) makes a huge difference to small business.

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