New Business Discount - Gwe Cambrian Web

Setting up a new business?

We've been there, and we can still remember it vividly.

Perhaps at the start, getting a website isn't on the top of your priorities - but it should be! A website is important for customers to find you, research you, get information about what you offer and also adds credibility to your business as well. So, we know you've got a long list of costs involved when getting started, so we wanted to offer a discount of 50% off a brand new website for you.

50% off? Yes, you read that correctly.

What does this include?

  • CMS based website - so you can login and evolve the site with time as your business evolves
  • Up to 12 pages in totalĀ  - because it's CMS based, you can add pages afterwards easily and free of charge yourself
  • Contact form
  • Gallery
  • Google Map
  • Slideshow
  • Basic SEO
  • Access to stockphotography that we subscribe too

Any hidden fees?

Not that we'd hide them, but the additional costs you will want to consider is the website domain name and the website hosting. We can provide these for you at very reasonable costs.