Google Analytics

We add Google Analytics to every website we create and launch. Why?

The data that Google Analytics collects is invaluable, and whilst we recommend viewing it routinely, we do also understand that it can be easy to get bogged down by it.

Focussing on the analytics that are relevant to you and your business goals is the best way to get around that. Not only does it allow you to see whether your website is working for you or not, it allows us to as well, and why.

What Analytics Should I Be Watching?

Well, this entirely depends upon your website and business goals. Here are our favourites to keep an eye on.

Website visits

Visitor demographics

Bounce rate

Popular pages

Entry pages

Exit pages

Behaviour Flow

Traffic sources (acquisition)

Want to start using Google Analytics?

Gwe Cambrian Web can provide you with a training session to help get your head around it! Why not give it a go?