Local SEO

Local SEO promotes your business’s visibility on ‘location-based’ searches. These are searches where the user might type in “coffee shops near me” or “coffee shops in Aberystwyth.” The search will pull up all of the listings for the area.

It’s an incredibly important feature if you are a business with a physical location.

Why is it important?

Well. Stats talk!


of smartphone users use their device to perform local searches


then call the business from their device


will visit or find the business

Ensuring your local SEO is working well for you will provide  you with increased revenue – it’s a major benefit for businesses, and a major avenue for customers who may want to get to it. (Stats provided by Forbes.)

What does it include?

When working with you on your local SEO, we will improve or set up the following:

  • Your Google my Business page and other online directories
  • Ensuring your business’ NAP is consistent across those directories
  • Reviewing the referrals from your Google Analytics or other analytics tools to ensure links and citations are correct
  • Research on how to increase the reviews you receive on search engines

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