Website Security

If you run a website using a content managed system (CMS), like WordPress or Drupal, then website security should be something high on your list of concerns.

As the internet grows, so do the amount of websites being hacked. But that’s not just what security is about. For websites that are on a CMS, security also involves updating the website software itself, and any of the plugins (additional software added). If they aren’t all kept up to date, you can fall behind and open your website up to security breaches.

Website security also looks at SSL certificates, those little padlocks at the top of the URL bar to show if your website is on secure hosting. This is especially important if you run a website that collects any personal data.


If you are worried about your website security, then give us a call! We will help depending on what your website is built on. We offer a range of packages that can help, and also an hour-by-hour rate.