Search Engine Optimisation

Just what is search engine optimisation? It's very important for the success of your website, but it's not magic!

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the process by which we can improve the visibility of a website or webpage in ‘organic’ search results. In simple terms, the better your SEO the higher you will rank on search engines, and hopefully you will get more traffic to your website.

A recent web developers survey  (2015) gave the following results on how important certain aspects of your online presence are in affecting SEO:

  • 23% importance placed on the trust/authority of the host domain
  • 22% importance of the link popularity of a specific page
  • 20% important in regards to the anchor text of external links to the page
  • 15% based on page keyword useage
  • 6% registration and hosting data
  • 6% traffic and click through rate CTR data
  • 5% social graph metrics

Google wants to provide its users with useful, informative content. It wants to know that you are the authority in your field and so it is constantly looking to see what people are saying about you.


of users never go past the first page of a search


of smartphone users perform a search once a day


ignore paid ads and go straight to organic results


of buyers perform an online search before a big purchase

Should you work on your SEO?

With stats like those above, you really need to consider your website’s search engine optimisation once your website is live. Yes, you can leave it to hopefully climb the rankings, but as with anything, you do need to invest some time and energy to improve your SEO, and give your website the best chance.


We have an excellent track record for our websites on search engines like Google and Bing.

SEO Audits

If you’re not sure how well your website is doing, ask for an SEO audit. We provide you with a detailed report including looking at your site speed, meta desciptions and more.

Working on Your SEO

Already know you want to work on the SEO for your website? Our starting point is to chat with you about the goals for your site, and then looking at where improvements can be made against your analytics.

Website Speed

The speed of your website isn’t just important for your SEO, but also for your user experience. Slow loading websites will often mean visitors click back (in under 3 seconds). There’s usually a lot that can be done to improve your loading speed.

Website Security

With the rise of websites using content management systems, security is of utmost importance. We work on your site to give it the best security possible, keeping the bots and hackers out.


Search Engine Submission

New website domain name? To give your website the best chance on the search engine rankings, make sure the domain name is submitted once the new website is live. Concentrate on the larger search engines.

Website Analytics

Your website analytics are really important when it comes to changing pages and text, adding new pages and also making sure your website is working well for you.

Google My Business

A free tool from Google that lets you manage how your business actually appears on the Google Search and Maps facilities. You can also add a lot of useful information.

Local SEO

How often do you search for shops or products ‘nearby’? This is why local SEO is really important if you have a premesis and need to attract visitors.

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