Local SEO

If your business is locally focused, then local SEO is going to be really important for your website.

Local SEO promotes your business’s visibility on ‘location-based’ searches. These are searches where the user might type in ‘coffee shops near me’ or ‘coffee shops in Swansea’. The search will be clever and pull up all of the listings for the locality.

So, it’s not a huge cry from SEO in general, but really important if you are a location-focused based business.

Why is it important?

The stats by Forbes show just how important local SEO is, especially if you’re a business with a specific, ‘bricks and mortar’ location. So, making sure your local SEO is working well for you should provide you with increased revenue. It’s a major avenue for potential customers, and can impact your business in many ways:

  • helps potential customers find your business
  • provides potential customers with information they might want (such as opening hours, dog friendly)
  • helps drive people to your business – the more information and data you are giving them, the more trustworthy and authorative you are
  • gives potential customers the power to contact you quickly and easily

What does local SEO include?

When working with you on your local SEO, we would be looking to improve (or even set up) the following:

  • Your Google My Business page and other online directories for search engines
  • Making sure your business’s NAP is consistent across online directories
  • Reviewing the referrals from your Google Analytics or other analytics tool to make sure the links or citations are correct
  • Look at how to increase the amount of reviews you receive on the search engines

Improve Your SEO today

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