Website & Email Hosting | Gwe Cambrian Web

Website hosting is essentially renting virtual space from a hosting company, where you can then place your website. The website host provides the space on what is called a server, which is then programmed and coded in such a way that visitors to your domain name (your website address) can view your site.

At Gwe Cambrian Web we use United Kingdom servers, which means that when a visitor to your website comes from the United Kingdom, the website will resolve (download) quicker. Our packages for website hosting varies on the size of your website, and also take into account content size (galleries and photos for example) and amount of visitors per month (who download off the server onto their computer to view the website).

The hosting space also hosts your emails, and depending on our hosting package we can offer as many personalised emails as required – for example (email me and say hi!). We recommend that all professional websites and businesses have personalised email address, and avoid the general or, as this does not look professional.

Our hosting prices start from £60 per year, and we are happy to host your website even if we haven’t designed it! For more information please feel free to get in touch with us.