English to Welsh Translation | Gwe Cambrian Web

Translating from Welsh/English or English/Welsh

We are able to offer English to Welsh translation services as part of your website package, or as a separate service. One of our missions as a business is to get Welsh online, and to do this we are offering bilingual websites at no additional charge to your website design. Many companies charge extra for the time to build the Welsh version of a bilingual website, however we believe at Gwe Cambrian Web that there should not be an extra charge for wanting a bilingual website.

If you are unable to translate your website content into Welsh, then we will do so for you. For English to Welsh translations we charge £95 per 1000 words. We ensure that the translated content is website friendly, especially in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO), a service we can also cover for English content in our copywriting section.

For any more information please get in touch.