Social Media Management

Let us take the stress and worry of your social media off you. We can manage your pages and profiles, with as little or as much input from you as you like.

We’ve offered social media management for years and it’s more popular than every. It involves us running your social media for you. We create a strategy based on your goals and where you want the social media to go, and we work on your profiles day to day to achieve those goals. The goals can be anything from simply increasing exposure of your brand on a monthly basis to driving more traffic to your website.


We cover all commonly used platforms, including TikTok.

What do our management packages always include?


Face-to-face meetings

This way we can openly chat about what social media platforms you use (or want to use), your goals, and where we can help.

Not possible? Skype, Zoom or an old fashioned phone call is no problem.


Unique images, graphics and videos

Certain packages allow more, but whatever we do is designed with care and your brand in mind. We want you to stand out from your competition, and custom images, graphics and videos help.


Using all features available

We’re fully aware we’ve got a lot of competition in this field, but we can be confident in saying that we don’t limit per package the features we use on each platform. Stories, polls, videos – you name it, we’ll use it.


What are your competition up to?

We always check out the competition for you. It’s good to have targets and also to make sure we’re not accidentally doing the same thing!



All of our packages include engagement – we reply to messages (as you’d like us to), comments and encourage people to get in touch. It’s all about that conversation.


Pick our brains

You can pick our brains too at anytime with any package. Don’t forget, we run our own award-winning company, and we have first hand experience of building a brand on social media.

Our Packages

We have 3 ready to go packages when it comes to social media. The most popular package is our Shout package, essentially giving us full and free reign on your social media as a whole – across all of your platforms. All of our packages are created with some keywords in mind:

  • Engagement
  • Conversion
  • Brand loyalty
  • Customer relations
  • Social

Without these keywords, you can’t run a successful social media campaign or strategy. We’ve been working in social and digital marketing for over 10 years, and we want to share our passion and knowledge with you. Take a look at our packages below, and get in touch if you don’t fit into one of these three boxes. You can also explore our Blog section for our latest insights in the world of digital, or visit Kerry’s website to learn a bit more about who will be working with you on your social media.

Redfern Property Management, Aberystwyth

We’ve worked with Redfern Property Management on their social media strategy and management for 5 years. This has included growing the Facebook page, running a range of groups based around housing, writing blogs for the website, creating content for a local magazine advertisement and recently starting a new Instagram page.

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