Social Media Training

Our training sessions are available for complete beginners or those looking for something a bit more specific. Just ask!

Not everyone is 100% confident using social media for business.

We’re here to give you the tools to run your social media – while we do have management packages available, we know some people prefer to look after their social media channels themselves. We have consultancy options available, as well as training – no matter what your level or experience.

For any of our training packages, first get in touch so we can have a chat about where you’re at currently, and what you want to be able to achieve on social media. Not only will we be honest – not only will you get our training sessions, you’ll also get plenty of our tips and advice along the way.

Finally, we also have resources you can download. You could start by downloading and reading our Social Media Strategy for Business. And make sure you are following us online (@gwecambrianweb) for some helpful tips and advice.

Social media is a huge part of our business, not only for promoting what we do, but also for connecting and networking. We’re as passionate about social media as we are about great website design – we keep up to date with the changes and make sure that we’re on the forefront of what’s going on, out there, in the big world of social.

1-2-1 Training

Specifically for you and where you want to be on social media, 1-2-1 training is a great way to make sure you really get out of the session what you want.

Half-day sessions £350. (ex. VAT).

Shorter sessions are available per hour. Just ask!

Small Groups

Great for a group all on the same level, or from the same business or organisation. We can cover all of the social media platforms specifically for the group.

Half-day sessions at £350.00 (ex. VAT).

Workshop Style

More of a broad training style, suitable for over 8 people. We can focus on one platform or cover a range, and we’re always open to questions and discussions.

During 2020 we delivered many workshop style training sessions on Zoom and Teams!

Why come to Gwe Cambrian Web for social media training and advice?

It’s Kerry who will be leading the way with anything social media-based at Gwe Cambrian Web. Social media and digital marketing are a passion of Kerry’s (alongside great website design of course).

Being a fluent Welsh speaker means that Kerry can provide training for you in Welsh or English, as well as managing any social media platforms on your behalf. Having managed a range of platforms for clients over a number of years, Kerry has a wealth of experience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Professional development is very important to Kerry, who spends a LOT of time researching and attending webinars, training and conferences. During 2019, she attended Bristol’s Social Media Week, as well as the Digital Women conferences in London. In 2020 she talked at 3 conferences including one international conference, all about social media. She also passed her Facebook Blueprint: Digital Marketing Associate exam in October 2020, and gained CPD certification for Content Planning on Social Media. Kerry recently passed the Community Management exam with Facebook Blueprint in March 2021, and has spoken at two conferences this year about SEO and digital marketing.

Why put all of this here? Because we want you to be confident in Kerry’s passion and knowledge, as well as being sure that what we teach is the latest in the industry.