Back in December, Emlyn and I sat down and went through our own website with a very fine toothcomb. 2019 had been a busy year for us and our business had naturally delved into different directions – there was a lot more emphasis on digital marketing, and other bits and bobs that our website was not promoting for us. The old website had become bloated, and needed a big trim down and reshuffle. There’s nothing wrong with doing this either, in fact, it’s something we’d recommend to our clients on an annual basis at least!

We started back in December, but as any business owner will tell you, your own work often gets shoved to the bottom of the pile… roll on 6 months later and our new website finally launched! Design wise, it’s not majorly different, but we’ve worked to create more interesting page templates, tidier look over all and also giving the website a lot of more swanky user experience, while keeping it well within brand of course.

The page structure of our website is now very clear, and focusses on our 4 main pillars: websites, digital marketing, SEO and social media. During our chat in 2019, these were the 4 main aspects of our business, and ones therefore that needed that clear area on the website. We also asked a local copywriter to proof read our website for us, and the feedback he gave to us, those small changes here and there was amazing. A service we’d highly recommend if you are redoing all of your content, or even parts, and wanting to make sure it all flows and works well together.

So, we hope you like our new website, and forgive us if there’s anything we’ve missed!