Bilingual Website Design

All of our websites include bilingual functionality, as standard. No extra costs.

If you’re looking for a bilingual website for your business or organisation, then we can help. Gwe Cambrian Web was set up to be to offer bilingual websites at affordable costs. We don’t charge extra to add the functionality for a Welsh website. This is included in the website costs.

We can help with translation of English text into Welsh, and vice versa, and we can ensure that the translation is optimised for the web too.

All of the staff at Gwe Cambrian Web are fluent Welsh speakers. So we can provide you with a fully Welsh service from start to finish.

Some of Our Bilingual Projects

All of our bilingual websites switch seamlessly from language to language on both the front and back-end, meaning your visitors and users can work in either Welsh, or English.

Children's Legal Centre Wales

Pennau Crafts & Coffee Shop

Welsh Museums Festival (2020)

Cymraeg Byd Busnes – Welsh in Business

In 2019 we were delighted to take part in the Welsh Govenment’s Welsh in Business campaign, to help Wales reach its target of 1 million Welsh speakers by 2050. For us, using Welsh in business has been invaluable, and we’re passionate about ensuring you can use it too.

Other Services


WordPress is an incredibly popular platform for websites, and we’re been specialising in WordPress for over 6 years. If you want to learn more about our training packages, just ask.


Don’t forget to give your website some TLC once it’s live. Monitoring your analytics and working on your website SEO is key to ranking well.

Social Media

Social media is key for any business or organisation wanting an online presence. Ask us about our training or management packages.