Website Design Process

You’ve decided to get a new website, so what happens next? We want to make your job as easy as possible, so we’ve drawn up our process for you.

Initial Enquiry

Make your initial enquiry with us, either on social media, email or phone. We can chat about your requirements and what you’d like the website to achieve, and give you a rough figure for the costs. At this stage, we always ask for a meeting – we believe in meeting our customers face to face for a better understanding of what it is you do. It’s also great to meet you at your place of work, so we can understand the business/organisation/charity better.

First Meeting

If you are able to have a meeting, this meeting goes into some more depth as to what you want to the website to do, why you want a new one, what initial design ideas you have, how the website is going to help you and your venture. We usually bring along a questionnaire to this, which will help us to draw up a detailed quote.


We’ll send you a detailed PDF quote which will outline what we’ve understood from you, what we can do as a solution for your new website or digital marketing, and of course a breakdown of our charges. The quote is valid for 30 days.

Getting started

Assuming your happy with our quote, we can get started on the website! If you’re starting from scratch, we will purchase the domain name and begin your hosting package. We’ll put up a “coming soon” page while the website is being developed, and then build the website behind this so that only you and us can see it. If you already have a website, then we’ll create you a dedicated domain name on our development hosting, and build the website there (for example, the URL would be

What do we need?

There is a certain amount we can do first, such as setting up the website and functionality – and working on a base design (or a few options, depending on what we’ve discussed). What we do need though, as soon as possible from you is the page structure, content and any images. We really do believe that the design and content compliment eachother, it’s very hard to design a website using stock images and latin, as it simply lacks your own brand.


We’ll keep you up to date at all times with our progress, and of course you’ll have a login to check too. Tweaking and changing is a normal part of the website design process and we really do stress this to you before we begin. The website is YOURS at the end of the day, and we want you to be truly happy with it! Bear in mind that it won’t be perfect from the off of course!

The Launch

We’ve done all we can, the website has been tweaking and changed to find that perfect look for you and your venture. It’s now time to launch! If the hosting and domain was purchased by us, then it’s a simply case of flipping a switch (from your point of view). If the domain name needs to be transferred over to us, then we can begin this process straight away.


Unfortunately, time is money as they say! We ask for a deposit of 25% before starting any work on a new design, and then full payment once the website is launched and live.