Website Optimisation and Security

Has your website become slow? Is it secure and up to date software wise?

Once your website is live, there are plenty of things you need to do on a monthly basis to keep it in top form, especially if you are using a content managed system (CMS) like WordPress or Drupal.

CMS’s like WordPress are constantly being updated by the developers – including the core systems, any plugins installed on your website and even the theme. The updates are often for security reasons, but can also include additional features too.

It’s often the case that these important updates are neglected, and plugins stop working properly, or you you can be exposed to serious security issues. Keeping all aspects up to date means reducing these risks, and also ensuring you won’t need to ask for a developer’s time to fix problems further down the line.

It’s important to make sure your CMS, the theme and any plugins are up to date as often as possible (we suggest monthly at a minimum). It will reduce security risks, but also ensure the website is as future proof as possible.

Website Optimisation

Page load speeds
Reducing image sizes
Looking at page meta data
Analysing website performance
Improving accessibility

It’s really important to give your website regular attention to make sure it is kept in tip top condition. The older a website gets, especially those with a CMS, the slower and more bloated it can become. Keeping on top of your website optimisation not only helps your search engine optimisation, but it also makes sure your users and customers enjoy their experience as much as they can.

Website optimisation covers a whole range of aspects, from ensuring your plugins and theme are all up to date, to the meta data associated with your pages (and especially new pages you may have created), analysing page load speeds and more.

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