WordPress Maintenance

Keeping your WordPress up to date and secure is essential for your website

WordPress is the most popular platform to use for websites, and one we specialise in too. It’s a great open source platform, which means there are always updates to the software, plugins, core and themes.

Keeping on top of these updates means the website will continue to work in the long run. Ignore them, and you’ll soon come into some problems.

WordPress is made up of three main components – the platform itself, your website themes and your chosen plugins. These all work together to produce a great looking, and fully working website. Given it’s open source nature, and to ensure security and optimisation, there are always updates to these elements.

It’s important when updating plugins or the platform, to make sure everything remains compatible with each other. We’re happy to help, and even if you don’t choose to go on our website care plans, we’ve worked with a range of clients over the past few years to update their website on a quarterly, or twice a year basis.

What makes up WordPress?


WordPress itself is a software that regularly has updates. These can be small, or major updates.


The theme of the website can either be a downloaded theme, or one created especially for you by your website developer. Themes can also have updates released for them.


Plugins are the functionality that get your website working. For example, a shop element on WordPress would usually be run using the WooCommerce plugin. Plugins frequently need updated, or replacing.

Does your WordPress website need some TLC?

Contact us today to discuss your WordPress website and the maintenance you feel it deserves. We’ve worked with countless websites to give them some much needed TLC.