Website Design & Development in Wales

About the Team behind Gwe Cambrian Web

Emlyn Jones

Primary role: the "technical stuff" - coding

I've always had an interest in how things work - I was the annoying one who'd take something apart to see what was inside. I've taken this forwards and whilst using a bit of software or using a website, I asked myself - what makes it work?

I now love to tinker with web technologies, trying out new things and making more traditional technologies go further. I enjoy the challenge of the ever-changing internet, and love reading up on the "next best thing".

Every business deserves to be given the best opportunity on the web, and it strikes me how bad some websites are nowadays - built on old tech, and with old mindsets. It is very cheap nowadays to give your website a "refresh", and it pays dividends to do so.

So let's take Wales into the new century - blast the cobwebs from old websites, and give new companies a fresh, modern but affordable face on the internet. I love talking to people and thrive on creating things that people like.

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Kerry Ferguson

Primary role: designing, social media

I enjoy working with people and meeting the public - I have worked in the hospitality trade which is the basis of the first couple of websites I designed (take a look at our Portfolio). Having done these for my place of work I realised very quickly that website designing is where I want to be.

Researching further into website design companies, it suddenly made sense with the incredibly high prices that some companies charge as to why a lot of smaller businesses don't have websites! This is something we've tried to apply to our own business venture - websites and online presence are such an important aspect of any business today, and it shouldn't be charged at incredibly high prices!

I want to give any business, be it small, new, old or large the chance to get online and be seen by the growing "online public". I believe that the internet shouldn't be exclusively for those who can afford high prices for websites - so get in touch and I'll help you get online and be seen!

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