Hosting and Domains

Website hosting is when you rent a virtual space from a hosting company to place your website. The website host provides you with space on a server, which is then programmed and coded in a way that visitors to your domain name (your website address) can view your website.

We offer a range of hosting services, depending on the requirements, size and nature of your website.

What is Website Hosting REALLY?

Typically, there are 2 types of hosting available – and we offer both. As standard, we use shared hosting. Using one physical hosting server, we share the space between a range of websites. This keeps the costs down for our clients, while also providing stable access and good speed. The second type of hosting is ‘dedicated’ hosting, where only one website is hosted on that server. This means you have all of the capacity for yourself, but it can be costly.

Most clients with small businesses should use shared hosting, which is why it’s our default. For larger organisations and agencies, we’ll assess the situation and recommend a range of packages, or dedicated hosting.

Our hosting packages list SSD, bandwidth and a rough figure of visitors per month, but what do they mean?



This stands for ‘solid state drive’, and is the latest advancement in data storage/storage space for hosting websites. Hosting packages using SSD are generally faster and more reliable.



Linked with visitors, in its simplest form bandwidth describes the level of traffic and amount of data that can transfer between your website, your users and the internet.



We also list the amount of visitors per month that the bandwidth will roughly accommodate.

Our Hosting Includes


  • Free SSL Certificates (for site security.)

  • UK-based servers, which will load the website faster for your user

What about domain names?

The domain name is your website address (for example, ours is

We can purchase domain names for you, at no extra cost! 

By moving your domain to us, you can be assured they are being well looked after, and that your website hosting is in good form.

Need New Hosts?

You don’t need to have your website developed by us for us to host your site. If we can offer you a better deal and customer service than your current hosts, get in touch for a chat. We can save you time and stress.