Amdan Tim Gwe Cambrian Web

Gwe Cambrian Web was launched in June 2013 by Kerry Ferguson & Emlyn Jones and is based in Aberystwyth, Mid Wales. The business idea was formed by the lack of Welsh websites that were available online, and on looking into this further, the cost of having a website created bilingually. We thought, "hang on, we can do this at a more affordable cost for small businesses", and thus, Gwe Cambrian Web was born.

Year on year we've increased our client portfolio, and worked with a fab range of businesses, charities and organisations to help them get online and to help promote their passions further with digital marketing. There's nothing more satisfying that seeing your client do well on social media, or the ranking of a website increase as work is done on search engine optimisation. We're both passionate about digital - from coding to social media marketing.

Gwe Cambrian Web isn't just our job, but our passion too. Our passion for providing great website design means we're constantly keeping up to date with the latest developments, trends and tech. Alongside your website, you have to have strong digital marketing & social media. With over 10 years experience in marketing on social, we're well equipped to help you reach more customers online.



Rhestr Fer: "Busnes Bach y Flwyddyn" yn y Gwobrau Busnes Gogledd Orllewin


Ennillwyr: "Busnes Arlein Gorau" yn y Gwobrau Busnes Ifanc Gogledd Cymru

Ennillwr: "Entrepreneur Ifanc y Flwyddyn" (Kerry Ferguson) yn y Forward Ladies National Awards & Summit; Cymru, Gogledd Orllewin a Gogledd Iwerddon.

Rownd Terfynol: "Busnes Creadigol y Flwyddyn" yn y Gwobrau Busnes Ifanc Gogledd Cymru


Canmoliaeth Uchel yn y "Gwobr Iaith Cymraeg", Gwobrau Cyntaf Aber 2017


Ennillwr "Gwobr Entrepreneur Ifanc y Flwyddyn" - Gwobrau Cyntaf Aber 2016

Canmoliaeth Uchel yn y "Gwobr Iaith Cymraeg" - Gwobrau Cyntaf Aber 2016


Canmoliaeth Uchel yn y "Gwobr Iaith Cymraeg" - Gwobrau Cyntaf Aber 2015

Canmoliaeth Uchel yn y "Presenoldeb Arlein Gorau" - Gwobrau Cyntaf Aber 2015


Canmoliaeth Uchel yn y "Cadw'r Cymraeg yn Ffres" - Gwobrau Cyntaf Aber 2014

Gwobr Aur: Siarter Iaith Ceredigion