Did you spot our blog earlier in the year about MrSite being closed down? So did Stormplan Windows from London! We were approached by Kevin because of our blog, and have been working with him over the past 3 months on his new website.

Kevin was keen to have a website that he can access when live to do changes, which ticked the box where WordPress was concerned. The website needed to advertise the different services he offers with Stormplan Windows, as well as showcasing the work he has already done of course. We worked with him to ensure the website has a clear message, easy to use menu and clear images of all of his portfolio per page.

As with all of our new website designs, the website is responsive to mobiles and tablets, and we also make sure everything that should be hyperlinked – emails, phone numbers, links to external websites is.

We helped Kevin move his emails from his old hosting company (which were soon to turn off the emails because MrSite was being closed), and he is now completely set up with a new Office365 account, for optimal cloud work!