Pembrokeshire County Council is taking steps to help local businesses with the Pembrokeshire Business Start-Up Grant. This support is funded by the UK Government’s Shared Prosperity Fund and aims to make local businesses stronger and create jobs. The grant is designed to help businesses at all stages, from getting started to growing and innovating. It’s all about helping our local economy.

The Offer

The Start-Up Grant can give businesses between £1,000 and £10,000. The amount you get is based on your costs. You can get up to £5,000 for each job you create (you must create at least one job to get the grant). The smallest grant is £1,000, and the most you can get is £10,000 (if you’re creating at least two jobs).

This grant encourages businesses to pay their workers a fair wage. It can help new businesses start by paying for things like equipment or special training. But you have to create new jobs to get this help!

If you’re only making part-time jobs (at least 16 hours a week), the grant will be less, up to £2,500 for one part-time job.

A business can only apply for this grant once. If your business grows, you can apply for a different grant, but you have to do what you said you’d do with this grant first.

To get the grant, you need to create the jobs within 6 months from when you get the final payment or by November 30, 2024, whichever comes first.

Remember however, you have to pay for everything upfront and then ask for the grant money afterward. It’s paid retrospectively. The claims must be submitted within 3 months of getting the grant approval letter or by October 30 at the latest, depending on which comes first.


This grant is for people or groups with good ideas for businesses in Pembrokeshire. It’s for businesses that aren’t trading yet. You can apply from March 2023 to August 2024, but apply as soon as you can, as the fund will run out eventually!

The grant is mainly for businesses in specific sectors like manufacturing, construction, creative industries, and more. But they’ll also look at other ideas on a case-by-case basis if it helps the local economy!

Some businesses can’t get this grant though, such as farms, forestry, and fishing.

What You Can Use the Grant For

You can use the grant for two types of expenses:

  • Capital expenses: This is for buying new equipment, setting up outdoor spaces for trading, and getting IT equipment if it’s directly linked to your project.
  • Special expenses: This is for things like special training, software, websites, or marketing materials. But websites and marketing materials must be in both English and Welsh.

What You Cannot Use the Grant For

You can’t use this grant for things like paying your staff, getting regular vehicles, or fixing up your building. It’s also not for expenses that happened before you got the grant.

Second-Hand Equipment

You can use the grant for second-hand equipment, but it has to meet certain conditions. The seller has to confirm that it’s not been bought with help from grants in the past seven years. The equipment’s price should be fair, not more than new equipment, and it must meet safety standards.

Application and Assessment

Applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis. They look at how many jobs you’re making and how much value you’re adding. Your application should include a business plan and financial forecasts.

Procurement Rules – Getting Quotes

When you’re buying things with the grant, you need to get quotes. For smaller grants, you need at least three quotes. For bigger grants, you need quotes and should choose the best one for the job.

Welsh Language Standards

If your grant includes or relates to services or written materials in Wales, they should be in both English and Welsh, following the law.

Subsidy Control

The UK Government has rules about how much money you can get as a grant. You need to make sure you follow those rules.

Post Completion – Terms and Conditions

If your business stops trading or you sell things you bought with the grant in the next five years, you might need to pay the grant back.

Data Protection & Privacy

The council collects information about you and your business to check your application and prevent fraud.

How to Apply

You start with an expression of interest. This tells them about your business idea and costs. They’ll look at it and then ask for a full application if it’s a good fit.

To find out more and apply, visit Pembrokeshire County Council’s official website. It’s a way to get help and support for your business in Pembrokeshire.


With this grant, Pembrokeshire County Council is opening doors for budding entrepreneurs to turn their business dreams into reality. This financial support not only promises to boost the local economy but also encourages job creation and fair wages. So, if you have a business idea and want to make it happen in Pembrokeshire, the Start-Up Grant is here to help. Get ready to take the first step towards building a brighter future for your business and the local community!