We absolutely love WordPress, and with roughly 30% of all websites on the web using WordPress, it’s certainly an option you should consider when getting a new website designed & developed.

WordPress is a content managed system (CMS), which is a software application that is used to create and manage website content. It allows you to login to your website, amend content, add pages, change images etc very easily, in comparison to a website completely built using code (HTML). It’s also an open source software, which means that there are many, many free elements and it is constantly being updated and new plugins developed all of the time. Of course, there are aspects you may have to pay for if you have special requirements for your website, or would like sections developed for you in a bespoke way.

We work with WordPress as a platform for the majority of our websites, and create bespoke themes for the websites’ look and feel. Having said that, there are thousands of themes available for free too, so if you wanted to have a go yourself it’s all there for you. In fact, we offer packages based on a “build your own” website using WordPress.

In some cases, potential clients will ask specifically for WordPress as a base for their website, but for others, here are 7 more reasons why we recommend WordPress as a CMS for your website, over other CMS options such as Joomla:

  1. It’s future proof and easily scalable – you can start off with a simple one page website but easily extend over time for pretty much no cost
  2. It’s easy to learn and because it’s both open source and very popular, there’s a huge community online sharing new ideas, tech and tutorial videos
  3. You can create any kind of website using it, so you’re not tied down to just a blog or online store
  4. WordPress is super search engine friendly, automatically solving a lot of SEO issues (according to Google engineer, Matt Cutts)
  5. You can add functionality without hiring a developer, for example extending your website to include an online shop – just add WooCommerce!
  6. WordPress is very safe and secure, being developed with security in mind. WordPress frequently rolls out updates to help with security, but also there are many plugins to add those extra layers. Naturally we’re not saying it’s “un-hackable”, the website is only as safe as the security you give it, but WordPress helps you to do this.
  7. Finally, WordPress easily lets you use different types of media, so you aren’t limited in terms of uploading videos, photos or audio files.