The next Digital Women event in August is packed to the brim, so much so that the team behind it have extended the skills session from 1 to 2 days! This is brilliant, and having been watching from the very first one, which spanned a few hours of an evening back in April, it’s amazing to watch it grow to now a 2 day event!

Kerry will be speaking at this event, not about websites this time but touching into the world of social media, with a topic about hashtags! It’s a free 2 day event, and you can check out the huge range of speakers and schedule, as well as signing up on the link below:

What is hashtag  magic all about? Here’s the summary of Kerry’s talk:

Hashtags – they’re everywhere and growing in importance too (Facebook being the latest to really up their hashtag game).

No matter what your business sector or reasons for being on social media, you’ll be using hashtags – or, you should be. During this session I’ll cover:

• Why you need to use hashtags
• Hashtag basics
• My top tips when it comes to using hashtags
• Using hashtags to grow your audience
• Tools for monitoring and following hashtags
• Do’s and don’ts