The ability to take online bookings for holiday cottage owners and small B&Bs is essential – which is why news of Guestlink closing down is a real shock.

We’ve worked with holiday cottages, B&Bs and hotels for over 10 years on their websites and digital marketing. Previous to that, Kerry and Emlyn, our two directors, worked in hospitality from their teens – it’s an area we’re proud to work in and work with.

We know that being able to take holiday cottage bookings 24/7 is an essential part of a strong online presence, alongside a great website and consistent digital marketing.

If you currently use Guestlink, and need to look at a new system to enable your online bookings for your holiday cottage, then get in touch.

We’re more than happy to help with offering advise based on your website, or looking to see how we may be able to integrate our own bespoke booking system on your website.

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How our booking system can help you take online bookings for your holiday cottage in Wales

Flexible Booking Potential

Show your live availability, change your prices depending on the seasons/school holidays/local events, take mobile bookings, take easy payments.

Channel manage

Update your listings on a whole host of other self-cateting booking websites like airbnb,, Vrbo and more. You manage everything in one place, so you don’t have to spend your time listing everywhere. Plus, you can add an extra % on the price to accommodate for the commission costs from other booking websites.

Help your business grow

Not only will our booking system help your business grow, but you can also benefit from our expert advise when it comes to holiday property advertising, digital marketing and making the most of your website. We’re here to help!

Property Reporting

Our booking system will also help give you a summary (or detailed) reports and analysis, so you can make marketing or financial decisions relating to your business.

Get in touch with Gwe Cambrian Web today to discuss changing from Guestlink to our booking system.

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