In order to set up your new e-mail account on Outlook 2010, follow these instructions:

If you are having any problems, contact us via e-mail.

  1. Open Outlook 2010
  2. Click on “File” -> “Add Account”
  3. Select “Manually configure server settings or additional server types”Manually Configure Server Settings Outlook 2010
  4. Fill in your account information – take into consideration the following:Enter Account Details
    • “Your Name” – this is the name you want to call the e-mail. This could be your name (Joe Bloggs), the business’ name (Gwe Cambrian Web), or the email account name (Support Email).
    • E-mail Address – ensure to fill in the    whole email address (e.g.
    • Account Type – This should be set to POP3.
    • Both “Incoming Mail Server” and “Outgoing Mail Server” should be set to “mail.”, plus your domain name (e.g.
    • Your username and password have been supplied to you. The username is the FULL email address (e.g., NOT just the email name (youremail).
    • Ensure “Remember Password” is ticked ON.
  5. Click “More Settings…”
  6. On the “Outgoing Server” tab, ensure “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” is ticked on, and select “Use same settings as my incoming mail server”Use Same Settings as my Incoming Mail Server
  7. Click OK to close the “Outgoing Server”.
  8. Click Next to test the account and set it up.
  9. You should now be able to receive e-mails!