So WooCommerce 4.0 has been out for a while now, and with it comes a whole new way to interact with your sales data. We always recommend updating to the latest version of WooCommerce as soon as you can, but due to the size of this, and after reports that early test versions caused quite serious data issues, like duplicating sales figures and screwing up some people’s accounting. These seem to be sorted now, however, and we’re really excited about the new features that WooCommerce 4.0 brings to the table.

Our highlights are:

  1. New Dashboard – this gives you an “at a glance” view of your sales over a period of time – and should be much quicker than reports in previous versions, and lets you create custom reports according to your needs.
  2. Improved Reporting – new options for filtering and much easier exporting of reports to better integrate with other systems you might have, such as your physical shop till system.
  3. Better “Customer” Reports – get to know your customers better with filters and reports such as seeing what they previously purchased on your shop.
  4. More Streamlined Shop Management – they’ve added shortcuts o the backend to make it more accessible to complete and handle orders from your website.

This sets up the platform up well for the future – and I think they are actively stepping up their game to compete in a more crowded environment, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

Here’s some more information from the developers themselves:

WooCommerce 4.0

Remember – if you need any support in updating your WordPress and WooCommerce website safely, get in touch with us.