Campaign planning can sound a bit scary – almost giving small businesses the feeling that they need to be a larger company or corporation before looking at campaign planning. It’s not true though, planning your next marketing campaign is very important and also helps you to focus your marketing strategy. It can be as simple as planning how you’re going to market your product or services around Christmas time, when to start, what to promote, how to take advantage of the festive feeling.

With that in mind, we’re written some of our top tips for planning your next marketing campaign. Our main top tip would be not to get bogged down in jargon, once you’ve figured out how to plan a campaign or your next marketing strategy, write it down so it’s clear. It’s so easy to start with it all straight in your mind and then get lost along the way.

Some of our top tips:

  • Set some goals and make sure you can measure the success (or not) of the campaigns to see if you meet your goals. Setting goals is so important, as it really gives you individual focus points in your digital campaign, which will drive your campaign in the correct direction for you.
  • Know your specifics! If you keep on top of your insights, you should be able to gain incredibly useful information about your audience so you’ll know what to plan and create, targetting specifically at them.
  • Think about how you can target your audience – they won’t all be in the same target market, so how can you split them into targettable segments?
  • Don’t forget about offline marketing – especially attending networking events, sponsorship and fliers. Offline marketing is still very successful and not to be sniffed at!

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