Digital strategies, campaign marketing, social media marketing. It can feel like a bit of a can of worms, once opened hard to get it all under control if you haven’t got a strong plan of action. For us, it’s so important to have a clear digital stragety with any business – it runs alongside your business goals. From here, you can then start campaign planning. We’ve written a brief outline about creating a digital strategy, but for something more indepth or for our advice along the way, get in touch!

Our Advice on Creating a Digital Strategy

  1. Figure out who you want to market your business towards – who are your target market? Perhaps you’re selling children’s books or toys, so you’ll want to aim towards parents (or even grandparents) – you can be quite broad and target 25 to 40 year old adults. It’s important though to do some good research into this, not just plucking some ideas out of the air and creating your target markets. What might you want to know?
    • Where do they live?
    • What age range are you targetting?
    • What sort of income do they have?
    • What are they interested in?
  2. Okay so you have your target market, now how can you advertise digitally for them? This is where you can start to think in more detail about your marketing goals (these are different to your overall business goals, but must link), and then which tools you are going to need to use online. One very important piece of advice we’ll say is that you must be able to measure the tools you use online (Facebook insights if you’re running a Facebook campaign for example), so you can see what works well and what doesn’t.
  3. Audit and create plans for all of your media types – so if you decide you want to use social media for your marketing goals, make a plan! This is also the same for paid media (like Adwords) or even what is termed “earned media”. Earned media is where your business might have been shared in a local paper, or national magazine, or online.

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